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Our Law Group is forming up with a small group of Attorney with full of experience, skills and strong commitment! Our law office based in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia to provide the unlimited legal services to the public as a country-wide service! Selecting a specialized attorney for legal cases is an extremely important decision. Please access to our Website to receive a Free Legal Consultation from our attorney in your particular cases! Our goal to gather an experienced and skillful attorney with full commitment is to provide the efficiency legal services with professionalism and up to international standard in a bid to enhance the need of the public, especially, business and investment areas! Are you currently seeking legal advices from our law office? If so, contact one of our attorneys today! To build trust and mutual respect of the public that they will retain a qualified attorney to represent them in every legal case of business transaction and courts, only experienced attorneys with high law degree are officially able to become an attorney of Commerce & Investment Law Group. So far, we have found that to seek for a newly adopted law and other regulations for the need of the public is a bit hard to access to them, therefore our office’s commitment is to collect those necessary legal instrument to freely provide to everyone who has access to our Website. Are you currently seeking new adopted laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia? If so, access to our Website to obtain a free download of newly adopted Laws, Royal Decree, Sub-Decree and other regulations from our Law Office today!